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Thursday April 26th 2007, 9:36 am
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i’ll start with this: i’m not sure if this qualifies for the “jjotm” award or not. to qualify, it has to be real stuff, and intended for consumption by christians. i don’t award the “jjotm” to parodies or skewers.

and i’m not sure which this is. mousing over the purchase button brings up a “coming soon” message. and there is a comic edginess to these that makes me actually hope they are not real! but [heavy sigh] they’re just not that different than much of the other jesus junk on the market (like these precious “jesus and the kids” figurines you’ve likely seen). so it is with a mixture of hope and horror that i award the coveted jesus junk of the month award to to ‘we are’ for their series of jesus figurines. the complete list, at this point, includes:
i am strengh (bullrider)
i am faith (football player)
i am freedom (biker) (my personal favorite, btw)
i am hope (homeless dude)
i am victory (soccer player)
i am peace (dove carrying jesus in army camo. really, this is one of the ones that makes me think — and hope — these are fake!)
i am spirit (surfer)
i am youth (skateboarder)
i am life (climber)


(ht to james at think christian)

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I like the bull-riding Jesus as well: I am strength!

Comment by Tyler 04.26.07 @ 10:13 am

After looking at it, I think its real. Yikes.

Comment by kyle 04.26.07 @ 10:47 am

God help us all if those are real.

Comment by brad 04.26.07 @ 11:10 am

yeah, i’m still flabbergasted at the one “i am peace” and jesus has a machine gun tucked underneath his robe.

Comment by JoeBum 04.26.07 @ 11:56 am

[…] As an illustration of my last post on consumerism, let me share with you the Jesus Junk of the Month from ysmarko. Jesus Figurines from Each figurine is titled “I am…” and something that Jesus is. For example “I am strength” is Jesus as a bullrider. I fell out of my chair when I saw that “I am peace” Jesus was a soldier holding a dove. If you look closely you can see his weapon safely tucked under his white robe. WTF!?!?!??? I don’t care what you think about war, the military, politics or anything this is messed up. I’m still trying to catch my breath. […]

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biker Jesus is the best! Should get the orange county guys to design him a better looking bike though.

Comment by Paul 04.26.07 @ 8:26 pm

I’m am currently living the family guy barfarama in response

Comment by Doug Routledeg 04.27.07 @ 12:14 pm

P.S. Did Jesus always wear the crown of thorns when He was out on the town.

Comment by Doug Routledge 04.27.07 @ 12:19 pm

I could be wrong, but isn’t camo-Jesus supposed to be a paintball Jesus? Just a thought, it seems to go with the whole theme…

Comment by Nathan 04.27.07 @ 12:37 pm

nathan, what theme? what theme does “will work 4 food homeless jesus” fit into? and, what does the dove and the “i am peace” have to do with paintball?

Comment by marko 04.27.07 @ 12:41 pm

i wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight without knowing if they are real or not, so i did what all information seekers do… and google gave me this article

looks like they’re for real… who knew Jesus was so sporty??

Comment by amykay 04.27.07 @ 3:27 pm

as i expected, american motorcycle

Comment by chuckk gerwig 04.28.07 @ 12:21 am

Just for further info… I called the company and they are going to be released in May. Direct quote from Jason the product manager “We want people to realize that Jesus is everywhere they spend their time” also “we had heated debate about the ‘I am peace’ Jesus. But we wanted to show that Jesus is also with our armed forces and comes to bring peace”.

I suggested that Jason comment on the blog; it doesn’t appear that hasn’t happened. He however was impressed that they won the coveted JJOTM. And wondered “Do we get a plaque or something?”

Comment by Chris 04.28.07 @ 8:09 pm

“that *has* happened”

Comment by Chris 04.28.07 @ 8:10 pm

I like to think of my Jesus as the lead singer of lynrd sknryd and he comes out in big angel wings. I like to think that my Jesus likes to party, because I like to party.

Comment by becky P 04.30.07 @ 9:41 pm

Ok so maybe the homeless Jesus doesn’t fit, but the rest of them sort of have a whole “Jesus is into sports” thing going on. Skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing, racing a sweet hog, I figure paintball fits… it’s either that or else I’ve completely missed something and Jesus plans on returning with an ak-47 and accomplishing his will that way… so I was so sort of hoping it was paintball. Hey, I totally agree that this gets the Jesus Junk Award, I just thought maybe it wasn’t quite as bad as it was…. maybe….

Comment by Nathan 05.01.07 @ 12:57 pm

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