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Monday September 18th 2006, 7:25 am
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don’t have time to write a long diabtribe about this one (maybe i’ll add to it later). but developing ‘christian themed subdivisions’ is, let’s just say, not a place i would want to live. i can hardly imagine the rant jesus would let go if he stood on the corner of ark street and covenant street.

(ht to len evans)

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Gog me with a Christian Spoon

I ran across this story over on Marko’s blog. Things like this make me absolutely sick, but it’s true… people are developing Christian-themed subdivisions. Two excerpts are puke-worthy:Near the entrance, before the road turns to reveal new homes st…

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Sorry for the off-topic comment, but I have been looking for a previous post on here that I’ve been unable to locate.

You linked to a web site that showed old foreign-language movie or television clips and enabled you to add captions to them. I thought it was great for doing youth announcements, but now I can’t find the link. Can you (or anyone?) point me to the right link?


Comment by Nick P. 09.18.06 @ 9:56 am

Hey Nick P…you’re looking for Bombey TV

Comment by Dennis 09.18.06 @ 11:17 am

I want to live on Song Of Solomon Drive

Comment by Steve 09.18.06 @ 11:35 am

this quote bummed me out a little:

“Joe Swanson’s office looks like a minister’s office — dark wood furniture on red carpet — and in a gentle voice he talks about God and Christianity, usually smiling as he does so”

so did this one:
“The entrance to Kingdom Ridge looks like the entrance to a church, with white pillars set in stone”

just wish ministers offices and churches brought about different images than this i guess

Comment by paul 09.18.06 @ 1:22 pm

Interesting article.

Comment by David Mackey 09.18.06 @ 10:59 pm

Just out of curiosity what bothers you about this community? If people want to live in something like this, then why does it bother you. Yeah I would not want to live there, but some people do. Never understood why some Christians feel the need to belittle other Christians for something as silly as this.

Comment by Randy 09.18.06 @ 11:07 pm

randy — to me it’s not just silly, it’s a significant betrayal of what a life in jesus is all about. frankly, i think it’s 100% counter to scripture. and it’s this kind of christianism that SO hurts the name of christ and the kingdom of god in america.

so if a club of cat lovers want to start their own subdivision, or a group of people who really like deep-dish pizza want to start their own subdivision, or even an ideological group — like a group of democrats want to start their own subdivision, i might think they’re silly. but because this christian subdivision is so counter the gospel as i understand it (and because i think this thing actually breaks the heart of god), it’s well beyond silly and well into offensive and wrong-headed.

make sense?

Comment by marko 09.19.06 @ 11:04 pm

Thanks so much for the URL for Bombay TV!

Comment by Nick P. 09.20.06 @ 2:10 pm

[…] YSmarko has three hilarious posts on a new christian-themed subdivision (read asbout it here). he has two funny top ten lists: […]

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