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Tuesday July 04th 2006, 8:43 am
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it’s independence day here in the states, the celebration of our country’s founding. like lilly lewin, i have mixed feelings about the good ol’ u.s. of a. these days. i mean, i love my country, i love it’s people and i love the church here (much of it), and i love the beauty of the land. but there are so many reasons why i’m a bit embarassed to be an american these days also. it’s like having a really odd misbehaving relative in your family — you’re embarassed by him, but still love him because he’s family.

anyhow, thousands of teenagers from dcla will be heading down to the washington mall (the giant strip of greenspace surrounding the washington monument) for outdoor concerts and, ultimately, the fireworks display tonite. i’m excited that we have a good view of where the fireworks will be from the large balcony in my hotel suite. so we’ll be hosting a group of people up here to watch them, rather than braving the crowds.

for a little festivity, here’s your own personal fireworks display.

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Having served in the military I have been and will always be proud of America. Never would I utter the words I’m embarressed to be an American. And I certainly would not call our country a “bully” like Lilly did. We as a nation send more support financially and physically than any other nation on the planet. I’ve never had a “bully” offer to give me his lunch money. Consistently we as a nation send more aid workers to depressed and ravaged countries than any other country on the planet. Time and time again we have rebuilt the nations that we went to war with and time and time again we supported them through the rebuilding process. Never once did we try to conquer and take over a country.

Do I have problems with the way things are being handled? Yes…But I refuse to throw the baby out with the bath water!

Comment by Chris 07.04.06 @ 7:43 pm

Well said Marko - thank you!

Comment by Jeff 07.05.06 @ 12:17 am

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