jh summit notes, part 5
Wednesday May 24th 2006, 10:05 am
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over the next week or so, i’ll post slightly edited versions of the notes from our junior high pastors summit. they’re pretty fragmented for someone who wasn’t there, i’ll admit (they weren’t ‘taken’ for this purpose). but for those who would like to read, i’m excited to share them with you.

parts 1, 2 and 3 are the summaries of the morning scot mcknight spent with us. then, parts 4 - 8 are the pieces of our discussion. one bonus post will have the book recommendations from the group to one another (this is one of our traditions each year, to share two or three books we’d recommend to each other).

here’s part 5…

Defining the Gospel in a young teen context –
“The work of a triune God to create a community to restore cracked eikons for union with God and communion with others with a missional direction”
John: Joining the Church-once saved what’s next (bridge), social justice, personal commitment/personal faith
Marko – God, self, world, others
John – it has as much to do with purpose as it does with being restored, when God is glorified in us we see God in others, Jesus should be seen in who we are, it becomes more active not just passive
Andy – God Creates, relates, rests
Jason - it’s more than just restoration with others and the world, God and self needs to be added in
Nate R – having 4 talks on God, self, others, world – people don’t see it as gospel
Kurt – how do we find JH friendly words to define the gospel?
Marko – God is making a community of messy people made in his image…
Heather/Jeff – instead of making a community of messy people – how about gathering a community of messy people?
Alan – the “old” gospel is a narrow view, it’s telling the whole story of God that is the gospel
Kurt – to be able to say “this is what I am a part of”
Johnny – isn’t this why we are supposed to tell the stories
Alan – we teach the entire story and expanding on that…
Kurt – how do we equip our kids to articulate the big picture of their faith
Marko – we as adults need it, therefore kids need it
Andy/Steve - it doesn’t need to be simple, having our ministry focused on “God, self, others, world” (those are the anchor points)– it’s not just about series and themes, helping them articulate God’s story, their own story, their world’s story, their community’s story
Eric – it’s like kids and video games – they need to see it, not just hear the words – it would be better to have kids say it in a messy way than repeat some definition we came up with – not that giving them definitions is bad
Kurt – it’s ok to equip kids with a part of the whole gospel so they can start to learn all the parts
Andy – help students have stories to tell…small group, homeless shelter, etc.
Jim – it’s taking the topics and interweaving the definition within them, kids over the years will get it
Eric – Sex, kids talk about it with great enthusiasm – how do we help them find that enthusiasm with their faith
Alan R - If we want something to measure it by – are we discussing/living the church, social justice, commitment/faith
Steve – how do we define the word restoration so kids get it?
…fuse, rebuild, repair…
Sean – we can’t change the word restore, we need to help define it
Ken – who is the community the church or the youth group?
Marko – Community is 3 spheres – youth group, local church and whole church
Johnny- get them involved in the church so they can see the definition
Nate S- asking every family in student ministry that has a kid in YM to adopt a kid from that village, (picking a village with World Vision) goal would be to have monthly contact and every 2 years go visit that adopted child, JH mission trips are all family mission trips – hope is to give people tools, prayer, restoration happening in both places
Eric – by constantly giving kids the kingdom
Scott – what word can JH kids use in their language with their friends in replace of restore? Bring Back…

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question…does the implications of what you all discussed at this conference go well with what is going on at DCLA, or not?

i’ve never been to DCLA, but what i know about 3 story, it seems that the 3 story idea could fit what you’ve been talking about, but it also could miss the mark. I guess it all depends on if “my story” becomes about only a personal salvation…or if includes how i’ve been restored with my community and world around me)…

although this still seems to not talk about communal salvation… maybe that would have to be apart of God’s story? thoughts?

Comment by pablo 05.24.06 @ 2:45 pm

great question, pablo –

a few responses:

- these discussions won’t have ANY impact on DCLA this year. the DCLA curriculum is already completely planned. i did think of DCLA quite a bit during our discussions at the summit. at one point i mentioned that 3-story seems to address three of the four ’stories’ mcknight talked about (he didn’t call them stories): god, self, others and the world. but, you are right, i think even in that sense, 3-story addresses all three in terms of the cracked relationship with god (meaning, they’re really three aspects of the one ‘cracked relationship with god’ story).

- i think it would be VERY interesting, if we do DCLA again (which we won’t determine until sometime later this year) to consider this understanding of the gospel as we (if we) develop the curriculum for 2009.

- all that said, jim hancock and the others who are playing such a key role in developing the content would not allow it to be simplistic “once you cross the bridge you’re done” theology.

Comment by marko 05.24.06 @ 4:19 pm

Progressive theology? Seems alot of rethinking needs to be done in even defining what the Gospel is and is not.

Comment by Gman 05.24.06 @ 4:36 pm

[…] ts 1, 2 and 3 are the summaries of the morning scot mcknight spent with us. then, parts 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the pieces of our discussion. one bonus post will have the book recommendations from the group to […]

Pingback by ysmarko 05.25.06 @ 9:37 am

ya, i’m not the most familiar with the DCLA curriculum, but from what i’ve seen, it didn’t look like a super simple gospel story. i’m excited to bring some of my students this year to DC…should be good.

even if you don’t do DCLA again, it would be cool to have some sort of dialogue over how we could teach a larger, more complete gospel to students (all in a language they can understand)…

Comment by pablo 05.26.06 @ 9:01 am

[…] ts 1, 2 and 3 are the summaries of the morning scot mcknight spent with us. then, parts 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the pieces of our discussion. one bonus post will have the book recommendations from the group to […]

Pingback by ysmarko 05.26.06 @ 9:54 pm

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