the wonder that is whole foods
Tuesday May 30th 2006, 9:56 am
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i’d heard of whole foods before. but until two weeks ago, i’d not been. but during the early days of my cleanse, jeannie and i (and the kids) took a little family excursion to the one-and-only location in san diego, about 20 minutes from our home. stepping in, i instantly felt i had entered either the waiting room of heaven or just-west-of-nirvana or some mythical kingdom of purity and goodness. the produce — oh, my! the selection of juices and organic foods! and don’t even get me started on the deli/prepared foods section — i felt like i could eat every meal for the rest of my life in there. a whole foods closer to my home would make us regulars. but i’m sure we will now be semi-regulars, regardless.

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Watch out!! :)

There’s a reason why it’s also called “Whole Paycheck”!

(I love Whole Foods, and buy almost all my food either there or at Trader Joe’s…)

Comment by Chris(tine) 05.30.06 @ 10:25 am

Whole Foods rocks! :) I got the best oraganic wheat hamburger buns there this weekend! :)

Comment by Deneice 05.30.06 @ 2:42 pm

And I remember when they were a single local store… ;-) Their growth has been pretty amazing. And we do have their 80,000 sq. ft. store and world headquarters here. (It’s pretty awesome.) However, for gourmet, specialty, and bulk items I still tend to prefer HEB Central Market. And for health food, organic food, etc. the Wheatsville Coop remains pretty cool. It’s nice to live in a town with a lot of options.

Comment by Scott M 05.30.06 @ 8:41 pm

20 minutes? Bah! Try an hour and a half! Steph and I are heading to Alton today for more house hunting, and if we have time, will drive the then 20 minutes from there to hit Whole Foods in St. Louis.

Comment by Jeff Moulton 05.31.06 @ 8:44 am

Hey I’m from the mid-west! Out here we consider a “whole” food…finding uses for every part of the cow.

Comment by chris 05.31.06 @ 9:47 am

my mom drives two hours with a car-ful of coolers to stock up at whole foods and trader joes. she goes about once every month or every other month. i love whole foods, but i’m not positive its worth it!

Comment by K 05.31.06 @ 10:19 am

psst - not sure where you went 20 miles (I’m assuming La Jolla), but there’s one in Hillcrest on University and 8th-9th area . . .

Comment by Kathy 05.31.06 @ 4:38 pm

That’s the one, kathy. It’s at least twenty minutes from my house.

Comment by marko 05.31.06 @ 4:59 pm

Just catching up on my bloglines…

You don’t know the joy I had when I read this post. How many times did you call me and Nicole names for being natural, earthy, organic freaks?!?

Welcome to the Whole Paycheck cult. You can only be “jumped” out now!

[hear evil chuckles]

Comment by Roni 06.08.06 @ 3:11 pm

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