it’s my one-year blog anniversary
Tuesday April 25th 2006, 12:31 pm
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one year ago today i started blogging. i had resisted for over a year, worried that i would either alienate ys customers (if my blog was really honest) or allow it to become a cheap marketing piece, disguised as a blog. but i chose to launch out. my first post said this:

so. people have been bugging me about blogging for a year or more. and i’ve wanted to. i’ve almost started many times. here’s been my two primary concerns: i don’t want a cheesy blog that’s just a marketing front for Youth Specialties. i keep seeing organizational leaders are starting blogs simply for this reasons (of course, there are great exceptions). i could easily write laundered, sanitized, and even occaisionally fiesty-but-well-aimed thoughts in a organizationally-promoting way. not interested (as much as i love promoting YS).

But the rub has been this (and my 2nd reason for a year of hesitancy): if i blog about what i’m really thinking, i stand to alienate a reasonable portion of the YS crowd! i don’t really want to do that either.

so, i sat and stewed about it for a year.

about a month ago, i decided, “crap, i have to do this.” then, this past weekend, i was reading (WAY overdue reading, i might add) Kenda Dean’s Practicing Passion (the link goes to Jonny Baker’s review of the book, because it’s such a great summary) on a plane, and kept thinking, “ooh, i wish i could blog about that!”

i want to do this as a sort of spiritual discipline. i know this will help me work things out — whether they be personal issues, faith issues, church issues, youth ministry issues, whatever. if you choose to read, so be it.

here we go!

so here i am, 505 posts and 3489 comments later. about 600 people visit this blog on an average weekday (about half that on weekends), approximately 80% from the u.s., a good amount from canada and the u.k., and a wonderful growing assortment from a dozen or more other countries all over the world. technorati (the blog search engine) ranks ysmarko as 8634 in the blogosphere, #2 in “youth ministry” and “youth work” (behind the uber-blogger jonny baker), and #10 in “emerging church. it’s #26 in “church” and #24 in “faith”.

but at the end of the day, my blog isn’t about ranking or readers (i’m glad you read, though). my blog has been a way for me to be honest: with myself, with god, and with, well, others. it’s provided me accountability and processing-space, thinking fodder and a journaling niche. i love blogging; i love what it’s done for me and in me, and how it has become a spiritual discipline for me, a guy who doesn’t naturally take to most things with the word “discipline” attached to them.

i raise my starbucks cup (it’s actually a bit cold, and only has the bottom half-inch of coffee in it right now — so it’s not much of a toast) to year two!

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Do you get to count a whole year since you took a month off?

Comment by Chris Marsden 04.25.06 @ 12:51 pm

funny, chris. well — it’s an anniversary date, if not a 12-months-of-blogging celebration!

Comment by marko 04.25.06 @ 1:06 pm

Where does it rank on the ticking the Lighthouse Trails people off? :-)

Comment by Len 04.25.06 @ 2:00 pm

Or ticking off people who picket the NYWC? (Those Veggie Christian picketing Pittsburgh last year were too funny …)

Comment by Gman 04.25.06 @ 2:49 pm

Cool! I didn’t realize I started reading it that early in its creation! I just figured you had had it around a lot longer! : ) Keep blogging!

Comment by Matthew McNutt 04.25.06 @ 2:50 pm

apparently very high, len

Comment by marko 04.25.06 @ 2:51 pm

nice work. keep it up.

Comment by patrick 04.25.06 @ 4:00 pm

canada checking in - happy bloggoversary!!

Comment by bobbie 04.25.06 @ 4:51 pm

dear friend……guernsey saying hey….just want to say i love ya man! x

Comment by paul 04.25.06 @ 5:10 pm

Marko - Thanks for bloggin! It has allowed me to see a side of you I hadn’t before through YS. Wonderful!

Comment by Jeff 04.25.06 @ 5:16 pm

Happy anniversary!! I never read as far back as post number one, but I am glad to see you describe it as spiritual discipline. I never put those words to it, but that’s exactly what mine has become (no plug intended) — that is unless I’m posting crazy things about Kiefer.

Comment by Tammie 04.25.06 @ 8:44 pm

Congrats on a year well done. You’ve inspired me to get my ‘blog up and running one of these days soon…

Comment by Mike Morrell 04.26.06 @ 12:50 am

Thanks for sharing, Marko. Your blog is one of my daily morning stops.

Comment by Marty 04.26.06 @ 10:32 am

congrats - you’ve taken to it like a natural! now when are you passing through london next?!

Comment by jonny 04.26.06 @ 12:32 pm

jonny — i tried to email you in response, but my emails are bouncing back to me. hope you see this:

Hey buddy - next London trip is in August. I’m speaking at SoulSurvivor again, and bringing my 12 year-old daughter with me. we’re going to spend a few days in London. Would be great to hook up during that time. I’ll let you know!

Comment by marko 04.26.06 @ 1:00 pm

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