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Friday March 31st 2006, 8:45 am
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location: 6th grade guys small group, this past wednesday night

highlight: we showed a short film clip of people tripping and falling (lots of laughs!), and shared our own embarassing stories of tripping and falling in front of people. then i floated a question i wanted them to think about, but assumed none could actually answer: “how do you think this could be an analogy…” (”what’s an analogy?”) “it’s when something is like something else…” (”i thought that was a simile”) “yes, you’re right, it’s a simile when you say something is like something else; an analogy is more like a story or picture or idea that can also mean something else…” (”ok”) “so… how could this video be an analogy for our spiritual lives?” shane started ooh-oohing. then he nailed it: “it’s like, when we stumble and do stuff we shouldn’t do — like, sin — especially when we do that in front of other people.” i just sat there with my mouth hanging open, before high-fiving him.

lowlight: it was the gassiest night of small group in the history of 6th grade boys small groups. seriously, the farting got so out of control — especially one kid who gave us the dry-heaves about four times — that our little underventilated and hot room could have gone up in a burst of flames if anyone had created a spark. i found the mom of the rankest kid afterward and begged her: “whatever you fed him for dinner tonite, please — i beg of you — never feed that to him on a wednesday evening again.”

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I truly laughed out loud about the gassiest night of small group history story. Too many similar memories butt you win.

Comment by Len 03.31.06 @ 11:21 am

We had a guy in net who farted all through our youth floor hockey game. He got a shutout because no one wanted to go anywhere near the net. Ewww… eggy…

Chris Fane’s Student Ministry News

Comment by Chris Fane 03.31.06 @ 1:21 pm

Yeah. Middle School ministry is dangerous stuff. I’ve been in rooms where MS boys kick off their shoes and the E.P.A has to be called in.

Dangerous ministry indeed…

Weave in an “analogy” or a “simile” about the repulsiveness of sin and the smell of a 6th grade fart and that lesson has legs. Not sure it will make it to the YS catalog, but it will surely make a point.

Comment by 03.31.06 @ 2:16 pm

Haha I can relate. I joke with one of my Jr. High guys that he farts so much in my car whenever I drive him somewhere that he has left a stain on the seat.

Comment by Brian 03.31.06 @ 3:13 pm

Wow…so glad to see a youth minister on

Comment by Brandon 03.31.06 @ 9:45 pm

I almost ran our church van off the road one night after taking a group of jr. and sr. high guys to Ryan’s to eat the buffet. it’s a mistake i won’t make again.

Comment by Marty 04.03.06 @ 1:00 am

Hey Marko,
Steve told me today that I missed your post about Shane. I’ve been actually trying to work hard instead of goofing off at work reading blogs and posting nonsense on message boards, so last week I was outta-touch. Of course, that’s only good for so long, so I’m back to being a slacker. Your tax dollars at work here!

Comment by Kathy 04.05.06 @ 5:15 pm

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