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Thursday May 26th 2005, 4:43 pm
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i’m not normally one for prophetic visions. but today, as our consultant asked our exec team what picture comes to mind when we think of the role YS should be playing in the future, an extremely clear picture instantly popped into my mind. this is it:

large stadium field, giant rigging with black gauzy segmenting drapes – on top and dividing sections of the field. Inside each, in various sizes of groupings, are different segments of youth workers in the church – mainliners in a section on one end of the field, fundies on the other; a large square section of evangelicals in the middle somewhere (huddling closer and closer together, afraid by the outlines of “beings” they can barely see through the gauze). A catholic section, and a tiny 7th day Adventist section, and, and, and. Oh, and a “used to be” section with people who’ve crawled away under the gauze, somehow, from a section, but not figured out where to go. All groups can see forms and shapes through the gauze, and make varying conclusions (mostly wrong) about what they see. YS has a huge rope that we connect to the top of all these sections, and we yank it in one unveiling swoosh (think: a sheet being pulled off a statue at an unveiling). Momentarily, people stand blinking and semi-blinded by the sunlight; they even feel a momentary panic of the expansiveness of the field. But, slowly, a good murmur starts to bubble up as people start talking and connecting, and dropping assumptions, and, and….

So, where’s it go from here? If they stand around for an afternoon digging this and learning a ton, where do they go next?

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Where do we go from here? go the the Altar… smile

Comment by Mike 05.26.05 @ 6:00 pm

If we’re in CA then I suggest In-N-Out!!!

Or to a wherehouse somewhere and are told to create a new church without denominational lines or objectives, only to Praise Christ with all their hearts minds and souls.

Comment by Andrew Seely 05.26.05 @ 9:33 pm

beautiful! let it be. i especially like the part about our assumptions being mostly wrong.

Comment by aaron 05.26.05 @ 10:27 pm

Glad to see my group (used-to-be’s) made it in the vision. It made me feel loved again, just like YS has done in the past.

Comment by Andy Thompson 05.26.05 @ 11:37 pm

as insanely beautiful as this picture would be, i wish that it could be extended to all church ministers, and not just the youth workers ;-p

Comment by ken 05.27.05 @ 12:12 am

This is deep…hmmm. How about they put on an old Janis Joplin album,get naked and smoke. No just kidding. :O) They would discover that they share similar dreams and that the sections actually hindered them from their dreams. After this realization they would eventually want to leave the stadium because there would be too many people outside the stadium who needs to know of this new way of life, but starting first with their church. So YS would then provide everyone with directions out of the stadium and cell phones. The cell phones could be used to stay in touch with their new and old friends. YS would text message them everyday with a message that says….”The Dream is Still Alive”. Oh yeah then it would be sweet if YS torched the stadium and Tic Long sang Kumbia.

Comment by Brian Edwards 05.27.05 @ 12:35 am

WARNING…some sarcasm ahead…

it goes to a committee meeting to see if it was a legitimate experience,

then to the Sr. Pastor to get approval for the staff to talk about it…

then to the Finance Committee to see if we budgeted for it…

then to product development to see if it can be packaged and sold…

then to marketing for cool logos and names…

then to admin assistant to schedule conferences and book signings…

In all seriousness - this is what I love about YS - yeah, ya’ll got some cool products but the heart of what you do is about encountering Jesus and taking others on the journey…

and that sounds a lot like the Great Commission, don’t it?

Comment by Grant 05.27.05 @ 2:35 pm

this is exactly what YS did for me. we came from one of those tiny fundie denoms that literally thought that methodists were liberals… going to NYWC years and years ago pulled away that gauze for me - and i know it’s done it for many others too.

i see that stadium with one huge national convention one year - like in chicago - massive - with 10’s of thousands of youth workers from all over the globe - speakers like bono and jimmy carter, sister joan and other visionaries challenging all of us to drop the gauze.

Comment by bobbie 05.27.05 @ 6:01 pm

This is an awesome vision. For me, this is what you guys have already done. Before I came to a Dallas NYWC four years ago, I barely knew any people from other Christian faith traditions. I didn’t even know who Henri Nouwen was. You guys opened a whole new world to me. Thanks be to God!

Comment by Levi Hadley 05.29.05 @ 8:34 am

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