i don’t want to be googled this way
Wednesday November 30th 2005, 1:35 am
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my little sitemeter freeware (very cool stuff, btw), allows me to peek at ‘referrals’ (what URL people come to this blog from). about 3/4 are blocked or unknown, but the rest are quite interesting. it has allowed me to see how many readers come over from the lighthouse trails press release, or — today — from the lovely carla at emergentno, who, because i commented a one-sentence factual clarifier, has posted about me! welcome, emergentno readers! you are welcome here anytime. and, there, carla — blog traffic favor returned!


that’s not the point of this post.

the referrals also allow me to see something quite fun: google (or msn or whatever) searches that lead to this blog. so i can click on the referral link and see, for instance, that someone searched on msn search for “strategic planning bowling” and my blog tops the findings! now, why someone would be searching “strategic planning bowling” is a bit beyond me — as is, frankly, why i ever had those three words in a post.

but i just clicked on one, and saw that someone had searched for “” — and wouldn’t you guess, my poor burgandy mist strat once again climbs the list. sigh.

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My best ones?

Superchick “we live”
David Crowder “wholly yours”

and of course the best one of the all:


Comment by Aaron 11.30.05 @ 2:45 am

The best referal that led to my site which cracked me up was on google and was: “my cousin vinny license plate number”

Go figure??? LOL

Comment by Ryan Nielsen 11.30.05 @ 4:10 am

Actually, Marko, that’s “stragetic planning”, the dyslexic equivalent of strategic planning.

Comment by Carl 11.30.05 @ 10:28 am

Hello Marco, I am a youthpastor in Canada, I enjoy your blog, I have added you on my blog as part of the blogs i Read, i hope this is Ok. If not let me know

Comment by paul morgun 11.30.05 @ 11:21 am

of course, paul — thanks.

Comment by marko 11.30.05 @ 11:35 am

Marko, thanks for the link to emergentno…

It hurt my head.

Comment by Sean 11.30.05 @ 1:51 pm

I agree with Sean…he put it so well!

Comment by Deneice 11.30.05 @ 2:47 pm

I was thinking emergent new orleans? but no.

Comment by Glen Peterson 11.30.05 @ 8:22 pm

These people never cease to amaze me. I just kept scrolling down hoping that it would end, that some tiny light of reason would shine through.

But no.

Even more depressing is that she’s obviously intelligent and articulate.

Comment by Jay P 12.01.05 @ 12:15 pm

I was Just reminded

I was over at YSMarko and he posted a few days ago about some of the tools site owners have. One of these tools lets me see what Google searches (MSN and yahoo too!) lead to my site. (YSMarko’s entry…

Trackback by A Youth Pastor 12.03.05 @ 11:44 am


I love watching my site referalls too. (Actually, I recently saw the click-through from your sitemeter, so I could have guessed you were watching your referalls!)

One of my favorites for my site is:
“taoism philosophy selfishness emo”
Ah, yes, I’m glad my blog meets all their
taoist philosophical selfish emo needs!

Comment by Nick 03.26.06 @ 4:24 pm

Lol my bad I just realized this post is months old.

Comment by Nick 03.27.06 @ 12:56 am

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