met with brett kunkle
Tuesday November 08th 2005, 8:30 pm
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short story (see previous post for back-story): he’s a really good guy, and i can genuinely now call him a friend. he used words like ‘mystery’ and ‘winsome’ and ‘gracious’ that i would never expect to hear as priorities from the mouth of an apologist (my bad assumption, i guess). we found, as is usually possible if people are willing to listen to each other, that we are a good 80 to 90% in agreement.

we had (what i thought was) a really interesting conversation around the priority of understanding or experience. we both agreed both were important, and really not seperable. i tried to make the argument that while understanding (knowledge) without experience is useless, but true experience of god will lead someone to desire understanding — and, therefore, experience has a priority. brett fairly countered that experience without understanding can lead to all kinds of unhelpful beliefs (my words, not his — i’m paraphrasing), so there is no prioritization possible. i suggested that brett was prioritizing understanding over experience (in the classic FACT, FAITH, FEELINGS ordered train). but brett wouldn’t agree to that — which i had to appreciate, even through i wanted to corner him there!

we talked about a couple hundred other things to, including our own stories. i can now declare: brett kunkle is my favorite youth ministry apologetics guy. (yeah, that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek)

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The feelings are certainly mutual, Mark.

And Mark is now my favorite youth ministry organization president.

Comment by Brett Kunkle 11.09.05 @ 12:48 am

Mark –

I thought you would like Brett if you two met. I am glad you had a good conversation.

Mike …

Comment by Mike 11.09.05 @ 7:51 pm

[…] ismiss 5. treat as tw0-dimensional 6. all of the above, darn it! first it was that darn brett kunkle from stand to reason. he was easy to dislike when i just thought he was two-dimmensional blog guy. h […]

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