pitching tents?
Tuesday September 27th 2005, 12:53 pm
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the audio file for this youth pastor’s verbal slip came to me as an attached file five or six times a week ago; and it totally cracked me up. but geron (in a comment on another post) points us to actual video of the incident. the guy’s eyes, when he makes the slip, are absolutely classic.

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Now THAT is funny!

Comment by Dave Smith 09.27.05 @ 2:04 pm

And who says speaking doesn’t involve hazards? Wow… you know, if you make a mistake like that don’t try to go on cause you’re done. Just laugh with everone and make fun of yourself cause its over baby.

Comment by Jeff 09.27.05 @ 2:40 pm

The pharse “pitching tents” without the slip up is funny in itself. My friends I and used this term for a different purpose in middle school.

Comment by Brian Edwards 09.27.05 @ 3:48 pm


get that guy on stage at NYWC and then show it!
in an encouraging way!

very funny…
i’m guessing he’s a breast man.

Comment by riddle 09.27.05 @ 5:26 pm

I know the guy who did that, although I’ve only interacted with him a few times. He really is that expressive all the time. He’s also seems to me to be one of the most good-natured and pure-hearted guys I’ve ever met, which just makes it that much funnier to me.

Comment by john 09.27.05 @ 7:14 pm


Comment by fr'nklin 09.27.05 @ 10:09 pm

Classic! I heard a pastor slip up one time and say(speaking of Abraham and Sarah’s conception) “It’s a miracle when a ninety-year-old man and another man come together in intimacy and have a child.” Someone in the front row yelled, “Not in this church.”

Comment by brian 09.28.05 @ 1:06 am

That made my morning. Thanks. ROFL.

Comment by ken 09.28.05 @ 8:13 am

Just found your blog! Nice work. Keep it up!

Comment by Josh Sargent 09.28.05 @ 9:16 am

I have been showing that piece all over my office and we are dying laughing watching that thing.

Comment by KevinL 09.28.05 @ 9:56 am

Okay, I can’t take it anymore … it won’t work for me! What’s up? Anyone know why?

Comment by Matthew McNutt 09.28.05 @ 10:25 am

I commented on a similar post at pomomusings. And since I think I am so self-depricatingly clever, I’ll share it here too:

A couple years ago I was speaking on the topic of death. It was shortly after the space shuttle Columbia disaster. In my moment of preaching passion, I stated that the shuttle exploded “upon rear-entry.”

Comment by John 09.28.05 @ 2:56 pm

“stated that the shuttle exploded “upon rear-entry.””
oh my…

Comment by Dave Smith 09.29.05 @ 3:09 pm

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