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Thursday December 28th 2006, 9:35 am
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DSC02355.JPGseeing scot’s post about returning dogs and zack’s post about saying goodbye to his dog of 13 years reminds me of cully, who we gave away last week just before leaving town. we’d had cully for 3 years, since he was a pup. he’s a kerry blue terrier. and he was just too much for us. in his three years with us he destroyed:
- two xbox controllers
- three pairs of eye glasses
- two cell phones
- one couch, one side chair, one table
- the carpeting
- multiple shoes and other clothing items
cully barked constantly, and ran away (creating long, drawn out search efforts) any time he had a chance.

but he was still our family dog. and the kids (more than me) loved him. it was an odd day on december 21, as we celebrated our family christmas in the morning, then gave cully away in the afternoon. he now lives in palm springs, california with an old gay couple who are big-time kerry blue terrier afficianados (they found us through the national kerry blue website). he’ll be getting four walks a day, tons of attention, and all the good stuff we didn’t seem able to provide.

so the whole thing feels like a sad, costly failure. if we ever get another dog, it will be small.

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I commented on my site too. You and Jeannie were very patient with Cully — much more patient than Kris and I could ever have been.

Comment by Scot McKnight 12.28.06 @ 9:44 am

Oh, sorry about that! He does have a cute face though:) I’m glad that he has been adopted by a family that loves him.

Comment by Kris 12.28.06 @ 11:19 am

if you get a small dog, do me a favor and refuse entry to anything that resembles teacup/toy poodles. I just spent Christmas with 2 of them at my mother-in-law’s house. Those dogs are the bane of my existence when we visit. One of them seems to think I’m a friend, so he sits next to me on the couch while I repeatedly push him off with no regard for his safety. The other one wears a pink jacket and stays away from me.
Sometimes, when we eat, the bigger of the two tries to mess with me under the table, so I kick at him until he growls and leaves me alone.
I love animals, but that thing doesn’t qualify, and all our lives would be enhanced if they just gave him away. Unfortunately they are emotionally attached to it, so that will never happen.
I commend your courage for giving away your animal to someone who will love him and continue to tolerate him. I hope you enjoy the freedom.

Comment by Jody 12.28.06 @ 3:04 pm

we love our small dog - 140 pounds .. we think we may go a little bigger next time.

i need to put a pic of bowzer on my blog when we return to mormalcy after the holidays ..

Comment by Jeff Greathouse 12.28.06 @ 5:23 pm

Ok, your post was a little prophetic. Our 6 year old son took our dog out today and she got loose and ran off and instead of telling us he chased her, when we realized they were gone about 10 minutes later he had stopped and asked a lady for help who called the police. Then the police brought our crying son home and told us we need to be more conscientious as to where our children are….geeez…I then took my son on a long drawn out search and rescue and recovered our dog on the other side of our small town. What a way to start the day! Thanks Marko for being so prophetic. I should have listened and just put the dog up for adoption :) At least all were okay. It put a little fright into us for a couple of minutes.

Comment by Othy 12.28.06 @ 6:32 pm

Some of the items you described, and some you didn’t… I don’t own a dog, but have always said that dogs are as expensive to raise, if not more so, than children. My two year old has broken three pairs of glasses, various knick-knacks and family heirlooms, and made various and sundry messes that have cost us money. However, when I told my wife about your post, she told me that I couldn’t put him up for adoption. Still, I think I enjoy kids more than I would a dog, so I guess she’s right. If I did get a dog, I think I’d go for an Australian Shepherd.

Comment by Pastor Paul 12.29.06 @ 1:35 am

We had a dog for 2 years that we recently had to let go to another family. She ate a lot of good stuff, too…plus chewed holes all over our fence. Your post made me feel less guilty…:)

Comment by Becky 12.30.06 @ 12:42 am

Ouch, thats a lot of stuff. I had a small dog - Maybe a dachshund/beagle mix. She was great and very small. Almost like a cat, except friendlier. Didn’t ruin anything, except when we first got her. She was the runt and was very easily scared so she peed on the floor often, but she is over that now.

Comment by David Mackey 12.30.06 @ 3:34 pm

[…] after thousands of dollars and thousands of headaches, we ‘adopted out’ our family dog in december. liesl’s last mouse died without much fanfare earlier last year. so our only remaining pet is max’s bird, sammy. max bought sammy with his own money (over $100!), and has done a great job of taking care of him. we did have a little leg-breaking incident that resulted in a frickin’ cast on his leg (there’s a picture on that link — hilarious). […]

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